Cole School Art

Program Description

At the Cole Elementary School art is an adventure that has limitless creativity and imagination. It is a time to explore and discover how you can create a picture with mixed media. Students learn how famous artists found their own inspiration by experimenting with art. Students will also discover that sometimes art takes a lot of courage.

One of our big events in the spring is the annual Cole School Art Show. Every child has piece of work that is selected to be displayed on the school walls. The community is invited to take part in a scavenger hunt to find hidden objects in the student’s work. We are also honored to have our special high school quest artist included with the exhibit as they give us a sampling of their own creative process. Additionally, we participate in a district wide art show that showcases all four of our schools.

Faculty Bio

Jeff Menice, earned his Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from the Art Institute of Boston and taught art for eight years at the New England Home for Little Wanderers for emotionally challenged youth. He joined the Cole School staff in 2001 and is currently working towards his Master of Visual Arts degree. He has had a passion for art since childhood, and his hope is to pass that on to his students so that they can feel the courage and confidence to create art on their own.

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