Donate via iGive

The Norwell Scholastic Arts Society has partnered up with, an online search and shopping website that donates money to charitable causes. Here’s the basic idea:

  1. Register an account at You provide very limited personal information (name, email address) and select a cause you’d like iGive to donate to (in this case, the Norwell Scholastic Arts Society).
  2. As long as you’re logged into iGive’s website, every time you use their search engine, they donate a penny to your cause. It doesn’t sound like much, but fifty people doing ten searches a day (a very conservative estimate) comes out to five dollars a day that goes directly to NSAS.  That’s $1,825.00 each year!
  3. If you do any online shopping, you can also use iGive to help benefit NSAS.  iGive has partnerships with over 700 online merchants, including Amazon, eBay, Barnes and Noble, Staples, BestBuy and many, many more. If you’re planning on shopping online, simply login to your iGive account and use the links in their “Stores” listing to reach your store of choice. Do your shopping, and when you’ve completed your transaction, the store you shopped at will donate a percentage of what you spent back to NSAS. You can also keep track in real-time of how much you’ve generated for your cause (and how much has been generated overall) by visiting

It’s a great way to donate money to NSAS by doing something you already do anyway, and without actually spending any money out of your pocket!   Students can do their part just by logging in and using iGive’s search engine rather than Google or Bing, and parents can both use the search engine and help out through their online shopping. Imagine what 2-5% back on the things you buy online around the holidays alone would do for the arts in Norwell. Check it out, and help support the arts programs in the Norwell Public Schools!