Middle School Art

Program Description

Norwell Middle School strives to have students work in a variety of media to produce drawings, paintings, sculpture and printmaking as a means of building confidence and better self-expression. Students expand their understanding of art as they gain perspective through the analysis of various art forms. Art students have opportunities at various times during the year to display their work around the school. All students are encouraged to visit local art museums and galleries. All students are encouraged to do their best, present their work with pride, and respect the efforts of their peers.

The associated arts are also an important part of the overall middle school curriculum in Norwell.  A variety of classes are offered to support student development in creativity and critical thinking.  These courses include Two-Dimensional Art, Three-Dimensional Art, Clothing and Construction, Foods and Nutrition, Video Production, Technology and Engineering Education, Problem Solving, Library Skills, Performance Band, and Chorus.  In these classes, students are provided with opportunities to learn technical skills while exploring and expressing their individuality and intelligence.  With the goal of creating well-rounded lifelong learners, the associated arts program strives to offer something for everyone.

Faculty Bio

Tabitha Finn joined the Norwell Public Schools in 2011, where she taught at the Vinal School until moving to Norwell Middle School in the fall of 2018. She has been teaching art in public schools since 1997. She studied Visual-Design and Art Education at UMass Dartmouth. Her lessons are designed with concepts at the forefront where students create their own work reflecting their understanding of the concept being taught. This process yields multiple solutions to one creative problem. Mrs. Finn believes that giving students this creative autonomy instills greater critical thinking skills and a deeper personal connection to art and it’s applications in the world.

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