Scholarships 2020

Arts for Life Scholarships

The Norwell Scholastic Arts Society awards annual arts scholarships to 2020 Norwell High School graduates. This year we are very pleased to announce we have tripled our scholarships to include an opportunity for each of the following disciplines:

  • Visual Arts Scholarship  – $1,000
  • Instrumental and Choral Music Scholarship – $1,000
  • Theater Scholarship – $1,000

Applications are available through the Norwell High School Guidance Office.

The next application period will be approximately January 15, 2020– March 15, 2020.


Students who are graduating from Norwell High School in 2020 and pursuing further education in an accredited arts college or planning to major/minor in a music, art, or theater associated program.

Application Process:

Students should submit the best example of their artwork, photograph, performance, and/or composition. In addition, students must submit a description of how they hope their submitted work “has moved their audience.” Students may use any medium/means of expression they wish for the description of their submitted work, such as written word, audio or video recording, but the description must be prepared specifically for this application. Students must submit a completed Student Information Form. Students must also submit a completed arts (visual art, music or theater) Teacher Comments page. Applications must be returned to the Norwell High School guidance office by approximately March 15, 2020.  Specific dates will be announced by the guidance office.

Applications available through the Norwell High School Guidance Office.

Arts for Life Special Recognition Award $250

NSAS annually awards a minimum of one $250 special recognition award to a graduating Norwell High School senior who demonstrates excellence in music visual art or theater.  The recipient of the Arts for Life Special Recognition Award is selected by all of the Norwell High School arts teachers in recognition of the great impact a student has had on the entire Norwell High School arts community throughout his or her high school career.


Students who are graduating from Norwell High School in 2019 .

Need-based scholarships for private music and art lessons

Through the generous support of donors in your community funds are available to help to your child access the world of music and the fine arts. Confidential inquiries can be made directly to  or through your guidance counselor reaching out to NSAS.