Vinal School Art

Program Description

At the Vinal School we believe that every student is an artist and that creativity has no boundaries or rules. Students experiment with mixed media, clay, paint, color, and texture to learn about renowned artists while also inspiring their inner creativity, allowing them to develop their own artistic style. Following the belief that art is a journey, it is the process that is the main focus and not the completed piece. A highlight of the program is our springtime Art Show, where our Vinal School artists display various works highlighting the year’s successes.

Faculty Bio

Tabitha Finn, Massachusetts native Tabitha Finn studied graphic design at UMass Dartmouth, but late in her academic career she discovered her passion for early childhood education.  Her love of composition, vibrant design and creativity-with-structure define her lessons.  And her belief that Art Instruction is not just about the finished product, but about process, creative problem solving, and abstract thinking, guides her program.