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  • Letter from NPS Arts Curriculum Coordinator


    To the Norwell Arts Community: 
    It goes without saying that our return to school this fall looks very different from previous years because of changes to the school environment brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.  
    One thing will never change, though: our students and teachers will endeavor to learn and make art together at the highest possible level, and through that process, we will strive to become more sensitive, perceptive and thoughtful people who contribute positively to our community through our art and our actions. Physical distancing does not change that mission, nor does hybrid scheduling, remote learning or any other hurdle. The arts bring us together, no matter the obstacles, and we will continue with that foremost in our minds. 
    Our faculty and staff have been working incredibly hard since the end of last school year to ensure that we have robust safety procedures in place and that we preserve as much as possible the richness of our curriculum and artistic experiences, whether students are in the buildings or accessing their learning from home.  
    Since we have had to reimagine so much of our programming and our procedures from the ground up, we ask for patience and understanding from students and families. Pacing in classes this year will no doubt feel different, and we will all have to work together to maintain continuity and momentum. At the same time, we are also mindful of the unique stresses this year puts on students’ social-emotional well being and growth. As teachers of the arts, we are uniquely positioned to build strong relationships with our students, to give them a safe space to express themselves and take educational risks, and to help them to connect with their classmates, their community and their art in a deep and meaningful way. 
    This year will be an enormously formative experience for all of us – teachers, students and families alike. Every day is an opportunity for us all to learn about ourselves, each other and the world around us. Arts education is more important now than ever precisely because our lives look so different right now and because we crave the sort of community and meaning that music, art, theatre and creative writing can bring.  
    So let’s embark on this year mindful of how lucky we are to be in each other’s company and to make art together. Let’s ensure that when we look back years from now, we are proud of the way we approached this year – with empathy, creativity and love. Thank you for being a supporter of arts education in our schools and of the important role that NSAS serves in helping us make it that much better. I look forward to seeing you all at many performances and events to come! 
    John O’Briant 
    K-12 Arts and Wellness Curriculum Coordinator 
    Norwell Public Schools

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