About NSAS

Who We Are

The Norwell Scholastic Arts Society (NSAS) is a parent association formed to:

  • advocate for the importance of arts education for all students,
  • build awareness in the community of the many arts performances and events that occur in our schools, and
  • raise funds to support the visual art, theatre and music programs of the Norwell Public Schools.

We in Norwell are very fortunate to have robust arts programming in our schools, as evidenced by the many talented students who have gone on to study the arts to much acclaim.  It is our hope that by encouraging parents and community members to be more involved with the arts, we can offer our students even more opportunities.  While NSAS was initially formed to promote the arts at Norwell High School, as of 2011, its mission is expanding to include advocacy and fundraising for the arts in grades K-12!

Advocacy & Awareness

We have taken several approaches to build awareness of the importance of arts education and of our arts programs.

  • NSAS started out in 2009 with about a dozen interested parents.  We created an email account to send out notifications of arts events and group meetings.  The list has now grown to over 1600 members.  To join our membership list, enter your email in the bar on the right hand side!
  • From those members, we have a group of parent volunteers dedicated to posting flyers at key locations in town and in surrounding arts venues promoting the upcoming events.
  • At each event we have an information booth promoting the NSAS.
  • The website was launched in 2010 and has become a key source of cultural event news in Norwell, MA.


The Norwell Public Schools offer an award-winning arts curriculum, but the Visual Arts, Music,  Creative Writing and Theatre Departments all have equipment and resource needs that extend beyond current budget levels.  The NSAS was formed in 2009 in part to help meet these needs.  Our primary fundraising activity is an annual “Playbill” or program.  The Playbill has standard copy and features advertising from local businesses as well as individual friends and patrons of the arts.  It is professionally designed and produced to better publicize our benefactors.  The Playbill is distributed at over 30 NPS cultural events each year.  Funds raised through the Playbill are made available to art, music and theatre teachers and students in grades K-12 to support special events, equipment and much more.


Norwell Scholastic Arts Society Arts for Life Scholarship

NSAS annually awards $1000 scholarship to a graduating Norwell High School senior who demonstrates excellence in music, visual art or theater. 

Arts for Life Scholarship Award:  $1000

Norwell Scholastic Arts Society Arts for Life Special Recognition Award

NSAS annually awards a minimum of one $250 special recognition award to a graduating Norwell High School senior who demonstrates excellence in music visual art or theater.

Arts for Life Special Recognition Award:  Three awards of $250 were presented

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