NOTICE: Norwellarts’ Play●Bill is being reimagined for the 2023-2024 school year…  Please check back in the fall!

The Norwell Public Schools offer an award-winning art curriculum, but the Visual Arts, Music, and Theatre Departments have equipment and resource needs extending beyond current budget levels. The Norwell Scholastic Arts Society was formed in 2009 to help meet these needs. Our primary fundraising activity is an annual “Play●bill” or program.

The Play●bill describes the arts programs at each Norwell school, presents a calendar of arts events for the entire school year, and features sponsorship from local businesses and individual friends and patrons of the skills. It is professionally designed and produced to publicize the arts programs better and recognize our benefactors. The Play●bill is distributed yearly at over 30 Norwell Public School arts events. Inserts are included for each event that details the students and pieces being presented.


We invite you to become a Play●bill sponsor and supporter of the arts in Norwell.   Please fill out the form below and choose one of our many sponsorship levels. When you’re done, click on Submit to register with us, then click on the Donate button to complete your donation through PayPal.

Sponsorship Levels:
  •      $50        Family             (recognition page listing)
  •    $100        Family             (includes ¼ page)
  •    $100        Performer      (includes ¼ page)
  •    $150        Artist                 (includes ½ page)
  •    $250       Master              (includes full page)
  •    $500       Virtuoso          (includes full-color page)
  •    $750        Maestro          (inside cover, full-page color)
  •  $1000       Platinum        (back cover, full page color)
  • Other Amount (fill in your preferred amount via PayPal)
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